Dystopia full album 2013

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1. Dystopia                                      03:37 

2. Cancer                                         04:23 

3. El ritual                                        04:07 

4. Arcano XV                                   04:14

5. Mascara de barro                      03:47 

6. Nacido muerto                          04:02 

7. Historia ordinaria (cover)           05:22

8. Muriendo por dentro                05:47

9. Reflexión de invierno                04:51 

10. A Memento Mori                      06:30

11. Apoteosis                                   04:34

12. Magnum Opus                         05:20

13. Metaleros hasta la muerte     04:54


2013  AIN-SOPH productions


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Dying Inside´s Baphomet is a song that shares the perspective of the sages of antiquity when referring to the image of the union of opposites...

Not only is the understanding and acceptance of physical experience as sexuality, or the balance between emotion and reason ... is the sublime union between matter and spirit.

Baphomet reflects the beauty of nature in its entirety, from the delicate and serene to the cruel and resounding as reflected in the distortion covered melody and the tortured and harsh voices of  Dying Inside.

Magnum Opus official video

AIN-SOPH productions | Estudio Morgan | Metal 100% Nicaraguense. Dying Inside performing on Ambrosia café bar July 22 2017


Baphomet (Guitar Playthrough)

Dystopia Album Review


Dystopia Album Review

By Subterraneo Americal


Dying Inside

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